Executive Leadership

Maury Marks
President + CEO
Throughout his career, Maury Marks has established himself as a visionary in the automotive retail technology industry. As one of the original founders, and as the President and CEO of Quorum Information Technologies, Maury has created a team that is committed to building and providing the best dealership management system in the industry. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Maury worked in his family’s GM dealership. During this time, he was exposed to the facets of dealership management and the challenges dealers face from both a business and technology standpoint. In 1996, Maury’s family approached him in need of a new DMS. After evaluating and realizing that the DMS industry was largely stagnated, Maury and his partners conceived the idea of Quorum. He focused the company on the development of its flagship XSellerator DMS software. Maury earned a Bachelor of Management (with Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada in 1988. He then received his Chartered Accountant’s designation couple of years later after articling with Deloitte and Touche in Calgary. Maury started in the accounting group and eventually moved to the firm’s technology practice where he had the experience of helping various corporations select and implement technology and systems that best fit their business needs. In 1992, Maury made the decision to leave Deloitte and Touche to begin his own practice of technology consulting. While Maury is not on business trips, he can be found in Quorum’s headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.
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Marilyn Bown
Chief Financial Officer
Having a natural flair in numbers, Marilyn Bown keeps our books in the black. In 2008, she was recruited from Belanger Clarke Follett McGettigan to fill the Corporate Accountant position. Marilyn progressively increased her responsibilities and contribution to Quorum, which earned her a promotion as Controller. Marilyn is now Quorum’s Chief Financial Office and leads the Corporate department at Quorum. She overlooks all aspects of accounting, financial reporting, procurement and government relations. Five years prior to joining Quorum, Marilyn received her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. She then received her Certified General Accountant Designation in 2008. Marilyn works out of Quorum’s largest office in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
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Mike Herenberg
Chief Operating Officer
Mike recently joined Quorum with the goal of utilizing his customer focused leadership style to continue fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. Mike oversees Quorum’s end-to-end service delivery, including implementation, support, customer success and infrastructure. Before joining Quorum, Mike was the Vice President of Product Strategy and Customer Experience for North America and Chief Operations Officer for Canada for Element Fleet Management, the largest fleet management company in North America, Australia and New Zealand and the largest pure play commercial vehicle fleet management company globally. Prior to that, Mr. Herenberg was the President of Kerr Group of Companies, a technology company employing approximately 200 people across 11 locations in Canada; a National organization that focused on technology infrastructure, Telematics, and Data Analytics for a wide variety of Government and Enterprise customers. Before joining Kerr, Mike led the European expansion of the US firm Valley Industries; worked for a leading video analytics firm I3DVR; and worked at Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector. Mike holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Sobey’s School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, a Masters certificate in Project Management from the Schulich School of Business, York University and a certificate in Financial Management from Saint Mary’s University.
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Dan Ichelson
Senior Vice President of Product Development
Having a natural inclination towards processes and development, coupled with his expertise in the automotive retail industry, Dan Ichelson heads up Quorum’s Operations and Development team. Dan first joined Quorum in 1998 as Product Specialist where his main duties revolved around supporting and implementing XSellerator™ at various GM dealerships. As a liaison between the dealers and Quorum’s Development team, Dan was able to participate in the process of planning and defining changes to product and new feature releases. Among his multiple responsibilities, Dan also had the honour of testing exciting upgrades and new product functionalities. Due to his extensive knowledge of the DMS, Dan was promoted to Implementation Manager just three years after he joined the company. It was in this role where he dived into the vital undertaking of ensuring that Quorum’s product is geographically compatible to the company’s expansion efforts. Another three years saw Dan as the Director of Product Development. He was then heavily involved in the development process while working closely with GM in North America. As the VP of Operations and Development for the past two decades, Dan leads all aspects of the XSellerator product, which includes product management, application development, network R&D, support and QA. He continues to guide the development and release of Quorum’s Dealership products. Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Calgary in 1992. Prior to joining Quorum, he was directly involved with the development and implementation of an in-house system for a nationally franchised organization. Dan is based in Calgary, where Quorum’s headquarters is located.
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Rick Johnston
VP Product Management
With more than a decade of real-life sales floor experience and the vision to build world-class products, Rick brings a fresh take on how software is solving some of the automotive retail industry’s most pressing challenges. In 2006, Rick joined Quorum as an Implementation Specialist, a role that saw him travel to more than 100 dealerships across North America. Three years later he moved into the position of Business Analyst which was where he found his passion for designing industry changing products. In 2010, Rick founded Autovance Technologies: he managed Autovance in combination with his career at Quorum until September of 2013, when he decided to pursue his vision to build the next generation of desking tools full-time. Rick began building the team at Autovance in late 2014 and it has been growing ever since. By the summer of 2016, Autovance Desk, Canada’s most advanced web-based desking tool, was built and it is already helping hundreds of dealerships sell more cars across Canada. The relationship between Quorum and Autovance was built on a strong foundation and in 2017 it took the most logical next step as Quorum acquired Autovance. As a result, Rick rejoined Quorum as the Vice President of Autovance. Rick works out of the Autovance headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta.
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Jane Webb
With over a decade of experience in the automotive software industry, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to fixed operations and BDC solutions. During her tenure, Jane has led many teams- BDC operations, account management, training as well as sales and marketing for our DealerMine division. Most recently, she has stepped into VP of product Management for Quorum's services and BDC solutions. Jane's career at Quorum has kept her close to our customers, delivering products that drive results. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Francis Xavier University.
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Darren Hawthorne
Network Services Manager
Darren is one of Quorum’s veterans who joined the company shortly after it was founded. He has filled many shoes in his time with the company, including Network Specialist and Network Services Manager. In March 2008, Darren and his family relocated to the most easterly city in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland to be in direct contact with the Network Services team. He has since then, moved back to his home in Edmonton, AB, where he leads our research and development team, which defines the technology platform that Quorum uses for its customers and internally.
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Andrea Noseworthy
Director of Human Resources
If one word could be used to describe Andrea, it would be kind! Apart from ensuring that all the ducks in the company are in a row, Andrea also takes care of the well-being of all the Quorumites. As Human Resources Manager, she is directly responsible for the culture and amazing people at Quorum (heck, she found many of them and brought then in herself!). She is also known as the listener and coach of the company. She always lends a sympathetic ear if something is bothering you and sends you off with sage advice.
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John Hynes
Support Services Manager
John ensures that all questions asked get answered! Beginning with Quorum as Support Specialist in 2006, John is now the Support Centre Manager and oversees all activities and personnel related to supporting and assisting our clients. John is a proud father of two and is a die-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens.
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Scott Maroni
Services Delivery Manager
Starting with his work as a Fleet and Lease Manager at a Ford store, and then several positions with Quorum, Scott's automotive experience has earned him the spot as Quorum's Services Delivery Manager. He oversees all service delivery activity and staff (implementations, training, project management and data conversion). The one thing that motivates Scott everyday is the people and the heart they put into the work they do at Quorum.
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Jeff Martin
Development Manager
Jeff is a Quorum veteran who has been around for more than a decade. As development manager, he oversees a team of over 20 developers who are the hamsters behind the Quorum wheel. While Jeff is not busy writing or coding programs, he can be found exploring the rugged beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador with his wife and twin girls.
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Yvette Martin
Product Manager
A typical workday in Yvette’s role at Quorum as Product Manager consists of prioritizing, leading the design and testing new features of XSᴇʟʟᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ™. Prior to any version release, she and her team work closely with the Implementation, Support and Development teams as well as our beta test and pilot dealerships to ensure that dealership and manufacturer requirements are being met. Next time you get a cool new feature in XSᴇʟʟᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ, you’ll know who to thank!
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