Executive Leadership

Maury Marks
President + CEO
Throughout his career, Maury Marks has established himself as a visionary in the automotive retail technology industry. As one of the original founders, and as the President and CEO of Quorum Information Technologies, Maury has created a team that is committed to building and providing the best dealership management system in the industry. Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Maury worked in his family’s GM dealership. During this time, he was exposed to the facets of dealership management and the challenges dealers face from both a business and technology standpoint. In 1996, Maury’s family approached him in need of a new DMS. After evaluating and realizing that the DMS industry was largely stagnated, Maury and his partners conceived the idea of Quorum. He focused the company on the development of its flagship XSellerator DMS software. Maury earned a Bachelor of Management (with Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada in 1988. He then received his Chartered Accountant’s designation couple of years later after articling with Deloitte and Touche in Calgary. Maury started in the accounting group and eventually moved to the firm’s technology practice where he had the experience of helping various corporations select and implement technology and systems that best fit their business needs. In 1992, Maury made the decision to leave Deloitte and Touche to begin his own practice of technology consulting. While Maury is not on business trips, he can be found in Quorum’s headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.
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Marilyn Bown
Chief Financial Officer
Having a natural flair in numbers, Marilyn Bown keeps our books in the black. In 2008, she was recruited from Belanger Clarke Follett McGettigan to fill the Corporate Accountant position. Marilyn progressively increased her responsibilities and contribution to Quorum, which earned her a promotion as Controller. Marilyn is now Quorum’s Chief Financial Office and leads the Corporate department at Quorum. She overlooks all aspects of accounting, financial reporting, procurement and government relations. Five years prior to joining Quorum, Marilyn received her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. She then received her Certified General Accountant Designation in 2008. Marilyn works out of Quorum’s largest office in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
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Bruce Atkinson
VP Operations
Over his 20+ year career, Bruce has had the opportunity to lead teams from 30 to 300+ in diverse aspects of operations including contact centers, centralized business processing, technical support, client care and training, among others. He has progressively senior experience working in organizations with both national and North American operations. From 2010 to 2018, Bruce worked for Dealermine, first as BDC Manager, then VP of Operations until December 2018. After Dealermine, Bruce worked as the General Manager of Grant Thorton's national Consumer Insolvency Business Unit. Bruce is a collaborative and flexible leader with a track record of building and working with high-performing teams. His passion for coaching, mentoring and helping his colleagues grow is hard to miss. His commitment to Quorum's mission and building an operations team which delivers exceptional value to our dealers and their customers is equally hard to miss.
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Rick Johnston
VP Product Management
With more than a decade of real-life sales floor experience and the vision to build world-class products, Rick brings a fresh take on how software is solving some of the automotive retail industry’s most pressing challenges. In 2006, Rick joined Quorum as an Implementation Specialist, a role that saw him travel to more than 100 dealerships across North America. Three years later he moved into the position of Business Analyst which was where he found his passion for designing industry changing products. In 2010, Rick founded Autovance Technologies: he managed Autovance in combination with his career at Quorum until September of 2013, when he decided to pursue his vision to build the next generation of desking tools full-time. Rick began building the team at Autovance in late 2014 and it has been growing ever since. By the summer of 2016, Autovance Desk, Canada’s most advanced web-based desking tool, was built and it is already helping hundreds of dealerships sell more cars across Canada. The relationship between Quorum and Autovance was built on a strong foundation and in 2017 it took the most logical next step as Quorum acquired Autovance. As a result, Rick rejoined Quorum as the Vice President of Autovance. Rick works out of the Autovance headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta.
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Jane Webb
With over a decade of experience in the automotive software industry, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to fixed operations and BDC solutions. During her tenure, Jane has led many teams- BDC operations, account management, training as well as sales and marketing for our DealerMine division. Most recently, she has stepped into VP of product Management for Quorum's services and BDC solutions. Jane's career at Quorum has kept her close to our customers, delivering products that drive results. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Francis Xavier University.
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Yossi Ronnen
VP Software development
With over 20 years of software industry experience, Yossi Ronnen joins Quorum as Vice President of Software development, determined to improve our software and bring it to the cloud, while fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and dedication within his team.   Yossi had worked in start-up companies, as well as large corporations starting as a software developer and moving to leadership roles. He helped modernize legacy systems as well as create new and highly performing applications that can run on your computer or phone. In his recent position, Yossi and his team delivered an ecommerce cloud-based software used by merchants such as Sephora, Columbia, and Ubisoft that handled 3.4 million orders valued at 148mm CAD during last Black Friday alone. While working at VFA, Yossi delivered FacilityView. an award-winning mobile SaaS software solution that allows clients to monitor their assets portfolio using a customizable dashboard, used by large municipalities, government organizations, and private sector corporations.   Yossi has a Master of Business Administration (majoring in MIS and Finance) from Degroote School of Business of McMaster University, an engineering BSc in Information Systems, PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institute, and a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification from ISACA.   Yossi is an avid runner and was excited to go back to an in person running recently at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. He is now looking forward to next spring’s Sporting Life 10K where he plans on fund raising for Campfire Circle, and organization that restores the life experiences that are lost due to childhood cancer. As a father of two, Yossi likes to explore the great outdoors with his family.
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Andrea Noseworthy
Director, Human Resources
Andrea has been leading Quorum’s Human Resources team for the past 14 years providing support and advice to operational managers and executive staff, whether that’s recruitment and employment, training and development, employee relations, benefits administration, and the development of organizational culture. She is known as the coach and listener of the Company and always lends a sympathetic ear! Andrea has over two decades of experience in the Human Resources world, including a 16 years’ experience working in the technology sector. She has completed her Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources Management.
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Lana Murphy
I earned my CPA, CGA designation in 2011. I have been in the Finance/Accounting/HR Management role for 20+ years. I love my job and the challenges that it brings. I feel at home here with the DealerMine team. The one thing that the most people would say about me is you are more than likely to hear my laugh before you see me. I love to have a good laugh.
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Darren Hawthorne
Director, Information Technology
Darren is one of Quorum’s veterans who joined the company shortly after it was founded. He has filled many shoes in his time with the company, including Network Specialist and Network Services Manager. In March 2008, Darren and his family relocated to the most easterly city in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland to be in direct contact with the Network Services team. He has since then, moved back to his home in Edmonton, AB, where he leads our research and development team, which defines the technology platform that Quorum uses for its customers and internally.
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Mike McGarvey
Director, Continuous Improvement
Mike McGarvey- Mike joined Quorum in 2015 as an Implementation Specialist, a role that would see him travel inside of more than 100 dealerships across North America and getting to know our industry and customer base. A couple of years later, he moved into the Training Manager function, which is where he discovered his love for process improvements. As a result, Mike has since become Quorum’s inaugural Director, Continuous Improvement where he focuses all of his time on process improvement, the customer experience, as well as learning and development.  
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Julia Whiffen
Director, Product Support
With a progressive background in Operations and partnered Services Support Julia Whiffen oversees Quorum’s dedicated Product Support department from her home office in Toronto, Ontario. Julia joined the team February 2021, eager to convey and instill in her team a strong sense of energy, excitement, ownership, and commitment that drives Quorum’s vision, strategy, and direction. Julia’s background is diverse, with 20 years of experience building and leading customer focused teams in a variety of industries including financial services, e-commerce, corporate security, and retail sectors. Most recently, Julia built and lead a cross-functional team for Staple’s $25M omni channel extended warranty program. This experience, and similar defining roles for G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd. and The Shopping Channel, Rogers Media, has allowed her to achieve some incredible career highlights, including being a member of the team awarded Gold for "Best Medium Contact Centre in the World" (Contact Centre World, Vegas 2008). In Julia’s first year she has taken significant strides to integrate and standardize the support platform and service delivery for Quorum’s suite of products while identifying and meeting the varied specialized support needs of our partner Dealerships. By actively promoting a free flow of information across all levels of the organization Julia is keen to identify opportunity for enhanced service quality management and deployment of tools that anchor process and expedite service request resolution. In her free time Julia is an active member of the Gestalt Psychology community. Gestalt in business would consider the interrelatedness of diverse processes and encourage transparent dialogue to discover the connection points that optimize the overall system. Put simply, having fun untapping the potential of the team to assist our customers in utilizing our software to deliver the best end customer experience.
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Scott Maroni
Director, Implementations and Training
Starting with his work as a Fleet and Lease Manager at a Ford store, and then several positions with Quorum, Scott's automotive experience has earned him the spot as Quorum's Services Delivery Manager. He oversees all service delivery activity and staff (implementations, training, project management and data conversion). The one thing that motivates Scott everyday is the people and the heart they put into the work they do at Quorum.
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Jen Phillips
Director, Account Management
Personal development is really the thing I hang my hat in work and in life. I’m always looking for ways to do things better or different. My brain functions best in overdrive which is perfect for my role because every day is “game day” and you have to give a 110% effort. My “go to” after a busy day is going on Pinterest and saving quotes and recipes that I’ll never make and spending quality time with my husband and boys.
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