Digital Retailing for XSellerator Customers

Let's expand our partnership.

Here's what some of our early adopters had to say...

"One of the first customers that used MyDeal on our site was in on the weekend so I quizzed them on their online experience. His first comment was that he is 'far from savvy' but found it easy to use and navigate. He created a deal and booked an appraisal. Their appointment was kept and resulted in a deal!"

"We had our first lead come through this morning at approximately 7:15 am, we contacted the client by 8:30 am and have successfully sold him a 2021 Tacoma. The process was smooth and seamless and took approximately 30 minutes in store with the client to match up the deal and credit app and get him into his new vehicle!

Let’s hope we can continue to generate leads through this new software!"