Quorum’s franchised dealership and customer management system – XSelleratorTM – goes beyond the traditional.

In fact, it is not just a DMS!

XSellerator is designed to drive dealership performance and measurable results. Yes, it covers the day-to-day transactions, but also much more. End-to-end tools for your sales and service department focused on driving in leads, maximizing revenue opportunities and providing an outstanding customer experience, combined with unrivaled customer communication capabilities, seamless integration between departments and with manufacturers, and topped off with unparalleled reporting and analytics to predict and measure the results in real-time, makes XSellerator the Dealership Performance System.


End-to-end tools for your dealership sales and service department designed to drive in and win more business. The Service Performance Package, alone, averages over $60,000 increase in customer pay revenue.


XSellerator’s Communicator allows you to communicate with your customers on their terms via text or email.


Quorum is the company you want on your team…95+% of callers to our support centre rate that they are satisfied with their experience.


Mobile-enabled, visual drill-through reporting for key metrics and measures to run your business, harnessing the world class Microsoft Power BI reporting engine.


XSellerator takes advantage of centralized computing for Windows, using Quorum’s robust hardware and network environment, as well as cloud-based services for mobile technology. Virtually any desktop, laptop, tablet or other mobile device can be used to access the DMS via a secure Windows remote desktop services connection. This model provides significant benefits to dealers:


XSellerator is offered as a server-based computing environment, where a server (or group of servers) is installed at the dealership premises. Dealer Groups with multiple stores can share the server(s) for their stores through virtual private networks. Combined with the benefits described above, locally installed servers have the “best of both worlds,” offering virtually all of the attributes of a hosted (also known as ASP or Cloud) environment, but without reliance on Internet connectivity to run the core DMS. Quorum protects your system and data by actively monitoring your server to ensure it is running efficiently, and performing all patches, updates and backups for you.

Some dealerships prefer not to have a server at their location and opt for our QCloud environment. In these instances, XSellerator runs at a fully secure data center accessed via the Internet.

This model has the advantage of not having to worry about running server hardware locally, but does require stable and reliable Internet connectivity.

Both platforms are highly scalable to handle the needs of dealerships small and large, on up to large groups. We leverage stable Microsoft technology for the core DMS platform, including the industry leading Microsoft SQL database that facilitates the many benefits of single database design and easy data access.

Quorum will work with you to analyze the pros and cons of each model and determine which works best for your business. Note that in both cases, some functionality uses cloud-based services
for mobile technology (such as Communicator, Sales CRM and Vehicle Inspections).

Integration Partners

We partner with Motive Retail to provide our third-party partners a cost-effective, simple and secure integration path to Quorum XSellerator via Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX).  Easier, better rollouts mean more third parties can become partners with Quorum, making our system more appealing to dealers by unlocking a wider variety of application options for their business.

Traditionally, third party software providers have had to integrate multiple times to distinct DMS systems. That approach is costly and cumbersome, increasing the overall cost to dealers and slowing the speed to market for all parties.  By integrating to any of the Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX) standardized APIs, third-party vendors gain integrated access to Quorum XSellerator, as well as several other DMS providers. The Quorum – Motive Retail partnership presents a “one-to-many” option that accelerates and simplifies integrations between the DMS and CRM, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, F&I, Parts, Service, and other third-party solutions.

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