COVID-19 Dealer Resource Hub

During this challenging time of COVID-19, we are all in this together.

To help you as you implement new procedures in your dealership, we want to provide you with some quick tutorials on how to utilize your Quorum software systems to help you and your team. The videos are short, and designed to walk you through one quick point.

To navigate through the list of videos below in the XSellerator & DealerMine CRM sections, hover your mouse over the top left corner of the video window. There is a drop-down arrow on the left of the box that appears, next to the “1 of X” (the X is the number of videos in that library), that you may click on to expand the list of videos.  Additionally, you can click the arrows (< >) on the right side of the box to move back & forth through the list of videos.

New Reports

New XSellerator Reports

Report to pull all customers that have not been in for service within a specified time frame

  1. This report has several tabs with all customers in your database and their contact info
  2. Special Order report of all parts that are received on special orders and the customer contact info
  3. All declined operations and the customers contact info

Report to show you all customers who did not go through with a repair after a quote was presented

Report that shows how many parts are in stock and how long it is predicted to sell those parts out of inventory

A list of your special orders by age